Our Story

Tolokazi is a range of premium beers and ciders that honours the African brewing heritage, where beer brewing has traditionally been the domain of women in Africa.

While not a new brand, Tolokazi is a revamp of the Brewsters Craft range. Staying true to its name (brewster being the term for a female brewer), the Tolokazi team is made up almost entirely of women who are passionate about crafting unique brews.

The Tolokazi range showcases indigenous African ingredients including sorghum, African Queen hops, and rooibos to create a distinctive taste that reflects the cultural diversity and heritage of our community.

Our Founder

In 2019, BrewMaster Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela launched her own beer and cider brand, Tolokazi. Tolokazi is Nxusani-Mawela’s clan name, which she says “are like family names with more significance to the Xhosa people than a surname”. As a sign of respect, African female brewers are typically called by clan names.


Phakama Tolokazi Bakubone!

Our Team

Tolokazi team is made up of majority young women who are passionate about our brand and about the industry.