Behind Tolokazi

What does “Tolokazi” mean?

Clan names (iziduko, izithakazelo, tshirendo, direto, tinanatelo, xipato) are family names and are considered to be more important than surnames within the African culture as they are the crux of understanding oneself. Clan names also commemorate ancestors and keep their memory alive. Tolokazi is one of the clan names we have in the Xhosa nation

When a woman marries, she changes her surname but keeps her clan name. Even a female brewer in the village get called and are known by their clan names, hence the choice of the name “Tolokazi”.

So, when a loving African man is proud of the woman he has married and wants to introduce her at an event/ceremony (uncimbi) for the whole village to see, he would say “(insert clan name), phakama bakubone,” which loosely translates to “stand up so they see you”

So if it was my husband, he would proudly and lovingly say, “Tolokazi, phakama bakubone!”

I am very proud of Tolokazi Beer and want the whole world to see and taste her beauty.

Tolokazi, phakama bakubone!

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